As is outside -
so is within

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Astrology roots came from past. We live on the border of two great cultures, GREEK and ROMAN, but throughout time, five civilization mixed themselves and built history on natural basis for cosmopolitism.

Looking for continuity of star-gazing at our area, where Danube, sometimes connects and sometimes divides Balkan "subcontinent" from Europe, we find origin connections which need neccessery attachment to modern astrology work. They are a part of our TRADITION and after many years of research, I have developed a 3 sub-projects:

Fixed Stars and Trace in Balkan Cults: SLAV-BYZANTIC tradition

Chorus Line and ""

Restauration of God's blessed - Christianed astrology

Founder of Society 1998. and the author of project: Gordana Cvetic. All rights reserved!

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Dear readers and visitors of this site,
you come under a piece of sky with lucky stars. If you like Byzantine Blue, write to us, especially if you have texts for exchange. In case that something in serbian pages interests you (the astrology language is universal), you can also write. The answer will be in your language.

Best wishes,

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Gordana Cvetic